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what do i have to offer?

I provide unconventional guidance for individuals to develop their practice of radical innocence, increasing personal freedom and connecting with a stronger sense of agency. I develop tailored trajectories aimed at specific challenges or help to discover areas that require attention. I guide towards a fuller being, communicating with your aliveness through experiential, embodied, and intellectual engagement. 

What makes it unconventional?

As an artist, I approach personal development through a playful, curious, and fearless lens. I combine techniques from various artistic disciplines with psychology and philosophy. Experimentation and creative approach is at the core of my practice; I am with you while you explore the ways of being that resonate with you.

who will benefit?

Artists, scientists, writers, creatives, brave corporates, queer individuals, adventurous beings—essentially anyone who resonates with my approach and seeks to move toward an uncompromised sense of connection with life.

what can we address?

We can delve into enhancing your sense of aliveness, increasing awareness, bodily presence, navigating meaning crises, overcoming creative blocks, dealing with fears and uncertainties, embracing the excitement of new endeavors, and finding stability amidst existential transitional moments.

I provide support during times of change, holding space for internal conflicts, doubt, stuckness, and lack of passion. We can adapt our approach as new ideas arise, unpack guilt-driven motivations, explore shame, and nurture your inner rebellious non-conformist reconnected with your values and principles.

how do we do that?

Through fluid and customized trajectories in the form of conversations, exercises, experiential and embodied practices. We explore in a private setting and take these experiences into the real world.

what are the tools?

I use an amalgamation of methods rooted in sociology, psychology, art, cognitive science, enriched with Eastern philosophies, relational practices, somatic work, and movement. All seasoned with my humanity and personal experience.

where do the sessions take place?

i hold the sessions in my studio in Amsterdam. I am convinced that practice makes wonders and like to bring our conversations into the wild to facilitate deeper insights.


While I am open to online encounters, I have a strong preference for physical presence.

what are the costs?

I work on the base of free contribution. You can decide what feels right to pay after our talk. I am interested in alternative ways to step into a relationship that is not motivated by financial agreements but rather facilitates different kind of connection.

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