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Yes to non.

I feel like I want to move away from context to another topic. Today will be the past entry in its regard. I kind of feel like bringing some fresh air into these drifts, feeling a little tired maybe. Not really unmotivated, still feeling energised writing, but I feel a little dusty somehow. Something feels different in me. I cat put y finger on it, which I enjoy to me honest. Curious to see if these journals will be affected. I definitely hope so. I feel an urge to start pulling things together it has been five month since I started writing, feels like lots has happen. Perhaps tomorrow I reflect on that and prepare the ground for something new.

Bit today I’d like to sit a last bit with the context. And non-context space in particular. I’d like to glorify the non-contextual. I feel it isn’t always getting the right attention. Even on the contrary, non-contextual has a shady reputation. If you don’t want to give context people thing you are concealing something. Which is not necessary the case. I believe becoming more aware about the amount of context you give/receive can make a huge improvement on the quality of relationships. When the context is becoming the bounding factor between people, I visualise it like two people are standing in front of each other, facing. When I think of non-context, it feels more like people are standing side by side and about to explore together. I feel overall lack of context provides more freedom to more and discover what is actually happening between people. It allows the connection to build the shared space of togetherness. It is more risky and time consuming, no doubt about that, but if there is time and space for it, I think it definitely something to experiment with. Having and not having context, can be paradoxical. It can be clarifying and polluting, directions and misleading, beneficial and harmful. Basically all the benefits which context brings can be seem as a disadvantage. I like paradoxes, mostly for me they feel like a real inviting opening.

I think the main point which I want to make white taking about context, is t become more aware of its presence and get playful with it. Getting a better grip on the degree of context is needed in particular situation will create a much cleaner signal, and provide communication which is build with care and attentiveness. In order to be more in control over the degree of context one must have a clarity of the intent. Here I don’t mean that everything has to be preplanned and directed, but if you step into a conversation with an open curiosity without clear intent, being aware of it is the intent in itself. Another important thing to keep i mind is, care about the other who is participating. We often think, we are caring and present but most of the times that’s not the case. Offloading context on the other person patched our insecurities and evoke listless presence. It can easily fill up conversational space, diminish the importance of the other, not allowing the actual connection to happen. And when you realise that the time passed and it is time to leave.

A few tips if you like to shift conversation a little. When you are in conversation with the other, try to take their respective and look at yourself. What do you see without all the context which you carry with you? When talking, shift your attention to the words rather than a general thought. How would that feel like? Is there any observable change?

Get playful with it, once you experience contextlessness joy and freedom of being in the present moment, it will be easy to move within various degreed of context. It is not an easy game to play though, so be prepares for some persistence. But even small shifts are already really fun to make.

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