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In one of my drifts I was already mentioning the three states through which an individual experience can be looked at. These states are doing, being and becoming. To reach quickly, being is about appreciation of the beauty of existence, doing is about adding the beauty to the reality and becoming is the evolution of capacity to do all those things, appreciate and multiply the beauty. I would like to stay with this triad today. And explore the impossibility to be really done with anything. One might argue I complete tasks every day, so of course things can be completed, closed, done. But what I keep on emphasising in these drifts, is the necessity to open up, broaden the perspectives and not only focus on the operations at hand. Every finished thing leads to a new beginning, every end is an opening. The undonness of out being, is an essential quality of life. There is no way we can go around it and become done. There is an immense beauty and liberation in this feature. The potentiality of everything that surrounds us is always at hand, awaits to be touched and transformed. Immense generosity of everything around is beautiful and unbounded.

When something is unbounded is also scary as it includes uncertainty and groundlessness. There are no rules to follow, no directions, no routs that where laid for you. The world is just there, open and ready to be engaged with. So how do you know what to chose and where to go? Relevance realisation is what can help. Relevance realisation is our personal map to understand the world and navigate it. Things that are interesting, important or salient to us determine what is relevant and what is relevant determines what choices to we make while harvesting the potentiality that world has to offer. At times it is still difficult to realise what what is relevant, we get caught of small details, operations and routines. They either narrow down the range of possibilities or numbing our ability to engage with the world in authentic way.

Narrowing down is a tricky process, I know well from individual experience. Obsessiveness, being my dubious virtue, which I can hopefully develop a better relationship with, is all about narrowing down. I am real good at it. But under certain circumstances, narrowing down is a dangerous activity to give in too. I guess obsessiveness is so appealing because there is an illusion that doneness can be achieved, if feels like you almost grabbing it. This allows for very stream boost of creativity to arise. The desire to have things done is appealing. When running dogs are trained, they have a moving target and run after it on high speed. Their focus is very narrow, which enables them perform at their best. Distraction is limited, self-awareness is minimised. All the conditions to be as obsessive as it gets. The thing is, they must never catch the rabbit, their excitement is so strong that their hearts wont be able to take it. The good thing is, that in the unbounded world, obsessiveness will never reach the done-state as there is no such a thing.

I got a little spirited away with the obsessiveness, I feel very warm towards this state, but going back to the undoneness. There is always an anxiety guarding it, when we realise that there is no end, we might get lost in nihilism and despair. Realising openness pushes us to connect to our intrinsic motivation, principals and beliefs. It asks for attentive listening to our inner self with tender love and care.

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