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Insight whisperer. 


Insight whisperer

Today I was busy with the build up for the upcoming exhibition. As I mentioned before, I decided to use this show to feel into my practice after a longer break in making. In the past few weeks all the pieces of the puzzle miraculously came together. I had that precious feeling of tuning in and allowing the intuition to take the lead. I love the process of working together with whatever wants to be said, no resistance. There is a certain discomfort because of the uncertainty but no resistance. When we had to distribute the works in the gallery space, the narrative expressed through the works emerged. I will briefly take you through an imaginative journey and tell a little about behind the scene logic,

The name of the exhibition is Insight Whisperer and it unfolds a process of how something /anything emerges out of nothing. A spark of insight that becomes an idea and turns into an object. When you enter the space, the first work you notice is a large size handmade book, that I created previously from the books I had used as my references up to that point. I blended all these books together to make grey monotonous paper rebelling against references in a post-modern fashion. Another image which meets the viewer immediately is the portrait of a female in blue, the work is called io, it is a half-headed sculpture of an unknown queen. The colour blue is a distortion caused by a glitch produced by sound, recording of me saying io, my playful alter-ego that since recently does the housekeeping of my being. She is the main protagonist of the show. She gives grounding to the ephemeral visual reflections. Next to the book the viewer encounters a grid of black and white photographs of sparklers, unique photographic prints made directly in paper. They depict a life of a single sparkler shot on long exposure time. When the sparkler is done burning its being is transferred into an image. All of them look the same, yet different, an undefined sparkle, vague and raw thought that never became in insight. Burned out leaving nothing but a semi abstract shape of collapsed potentiality. Going further the viewer encounters two larger photographs. Nebulosity and Pattern referring to my recent fascinations with the two fundamental states of being. Nebulosity looks like a dense black rectangle. I laid over the images of the detail of clocks on top of each other forming a clock but without the right order. The work refers to the natural quality of time to make us accumulate thoughts and turn everything into disorder. Paradoxically, time with its order is the biggest inspiration for chaos. Pattern is a salient photograph of an emergent deal that will become something worth keeping. White light shining through is an anticipation of new becoming,

Next to io there are two large photographs of old books, made in archives in Switzerland belonging to the watch-making industry. They also refer to time but in an indirect manner. On another wall there are two images called Iris. These are images of sunset which I distorted in a way that one image is looking inwards and the other outwards, they hint towards internal and external search. Looking in and out of yourself, in constant relation and exchange. While looking outwards, references start to come in to awareness and enter the work. The images from archeological artefacts, called Jiffies, symbolise the role of references which, whether we like it or not, penetrate the thinkingsoe while forming an idea. While moving into the second room, the viewer passes the way l covered with primed versions of drifts accompanied with stamps of maps I made with blood.

It was quite surreal to see them all like this, all those works came out of me in the past few months. Pretty insane experience, to be frank. In the show they stand for the painful and unsettling process of doubt, uncertainty, personal struggle and reflection while trying to figure out maps to navigate the world while translating it into work. Passing by the bloody wall you enter the room where the final work can be found. A series of light vases called Axis, made with light emitting shoelace and long exposure time. On the photographs they have depth but in reality they are just a shoe lace on the turn table. Empty yet filled with essence. On another wall there is a video projection where the process of creation is looked at from a different perspective. In this abstract video I show how the process went while combining it with the music I wrote translating images in sound. The space had three takes on the same object: light emitting shoelace that costs about a euro.

Apart form the visual works I will be hosting one to one conversations in the gallery space where I will whisper an individual insight for everyone who’d like to find one. You can subscribe to get an extra twist to my insight midwifery practice.

I am happy with how it turned out and hopefully my imaginative tour made you curious to come and visit.

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