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Insight hangover.

After a few days of high intensity processing, today I experiences something that I would like to call insight hangover. I already described shadow hangover that I experienced a day after intense shadow work. It wasn’t only related to particular emotions and feelings but felt more like a physical and mental exhaustion. Insight hangover has a slightly different effect. So many new links were made recently and today when I could slow down and carve out more time for free flowing daily routine, my brain was still running full speed. Hungrily, looking for new connections, gripping bits of information trying to make something out of it. At the same time the processing capacity is very low, so mechanics are still running but I am not able to make any sense out of what comes in.

The whole day, I was jumping from one branch to another like a little squirrel, barely catching anything. But I couldn’t stop doing that. Good thing that I didn’t freak out about it, as might happen at times. I was anticipating this afterglow, made time and space for it to happen. Recently I got into the habit to go meta on everything around me. I deliberately exercise meta moves and got kind of addicted to it. A friend of mine called it meta masturbation, fun to do but at some point it is distracting and can obstruct real connections that require risk taking and rejection. At the moment I do enjoy it. I go meta on sadness, on humiliation, on obsession, on joy, today even went meta on cauliflower. Yes, cauliflower. I am training my muscle and I feel it is growing. There are various meta moves that you can do but the bottomline is introduce a new vanishing point to the situation and go one layer higher to realise the complexity of whatever you are observing. I’ll definitely dedicate a separate drift to introduce some of the meta moves I practice, one of them being simplicity. But I do it once my brain gains back its working capacity. Next to going meta on cauliflower, I did manage to go meta on my insight hangover. It required taking a step back and observing my minds being a squirrel. It was and still is very entertaining.

Let me look at my browsing history today. That is always the best way to meet our unconscious drives and needs. I will not edit the list so bare with me. Must be honest I spent 3 hours working at the studio, 3 hours in meetings, 1 hour on my usual morning reading, 1 hour kickboxing and 1 hour picking up stuff around the city for the upcoming expo, let’s say another 2 hours or so on small mundane stuff. I woke up at 6:00 now it is 21:00 Which leaves me with about 4 hours on the internet. Let’s go beautiful people.

gmt 12:00 to cet

the feeling of what happens damasio

damasio’s theory of consciousness

ready to rumble


while engaged in trouble free hammering

io jupiter

io (moon)

heidegger hammer

garam harman

everything is equally weird


robin mackay

vicarious causation

ready to hand and present at hand

cervical effacement

self effacement

flow psychology


wi wei

force etymology


channel ground we space

reizen naar georgië covid

meditations on moloch

lesswrong on silence


lafawndah deep

the stoa

collective presencing


resonance we space



undermining, overmining abd duomining

object oriented ontology


model of hierarchical complexity

wisdom is overrated


chance operations

john cage

From all of these I did pick out something, like for example that io is the most volcanic moon in the universe, as far as our knowledge reaches, it has 400 volcanos on it. Or that solipsism is a theory that proclaims that there is nothing outside one consciousness. But yes.. just information hoarding. It was a fun day and I am going to close my laptop, do a meditation and have a walk. Tomorrow is a blank page again in my browser’s history, I better make myself ready.

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