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In defence of pleasure.

Today another in defense of... drift. From desire I slide into pleasure. Doesn't come as a surprise, but who cares about surprises when it comes to pleasure. Talking about pleasure is always exciting, no matter what this excitement is, comfortable or uncomfortable.

As I was tapping into intensity and desire, trying to understand my relationship with these two, pleasure entered the conversation. I guess when the relationship with desire is misaligned, pleasure is also off the radar. The notion of pleasure has a dubious reputation, first of all it is most of the time associated with sexual delights, and this whole topic is still more or less a taboo. Attaching pleasure to sexuality makes it difficult to use in other contexts without causing at least a little blush or a kick of adrenaline. Generally speaking, pleasure refers to a source of enjoyment which gratifies the senses or the mind. I like how Aristotle expresses it, pleasure is the natural accompaniment of unimpeded activity. Pleasure, as such, is neither good nor bad, but is something positive because the effect of pleasure perfects the exercise of that activity. What I like about it is that it is applicable to any situation without judgement and is seen as a means to perfect the activity. I like that, especially the lightens of this proposition.

I was also thinking about taking pleasure as a way to connect to the world. Touchpoints of real connection that require risk-taking in the form of possibility to not get what you want, This is how I see it. Having a desire is a string that provides a ground for communication, it is an exchange between a person and everything that is around. If there is no manifestation of desire there is not much openness to dialogue. Pleasure is related to desire in a way that it enhances the experience and infuses it with lively energies. Having a desire and being able to express it is equal to opening to the world and allowing it to give us what we want. Reciprocal relation that we have with everything around is done through desire manifestations. If this exchange is not happening, the world becomes a hostile and inaccessible place. The more we open up it it, the more it opens up in response. I found it a very useful thought to keep in mind and use it to consciously engage with my desires. By performing some of the mental gymnastics, I arrived to the conclusion that without connecting with our own desire, opening up for pleasure, the amount of possible connections will be reduced. So I want to stress how important that is.

For those who follow me from the beginning know that I have a complicated relationship with pleasure and desire, partly because of my upbringing and cultural conditioning and partly because of the series of choices I prioritised at different stages in my life. At this stage exploring it and finding my way feels alive and important. For some time I was feeling deep discomfort due to the fact that I didn’t really know what brings me pleasure. But today I thought why wouldn’t I try to take on a different perspective. I inverted my desirelackness, pleasure-ignorance and intensity suppression into inspiring superpower meta games: desire enkindling, pleasure mapping and intensity mobilization. Once that happened, lots of possibilities opened up, a fresh air entered the space and lifted up the heaviness of not knowing what my desires are. I will be unfolding there meta-games on the quest to establish connection with the world in the upcoming days. But I am happy I shifted the perspective and made desire, pleasure and intensity questing into a playful game that is fun to play. In the end the main prize, feeling free, happy and connected, is totally worth any effort required.

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