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Implicit charms.

For the time being I decided to use these drifts to dive into a small philosophical inquiry into various small observations which I came across during the day. I will deliberately be directing my attention outwards I feel I need to reposition myself towards the outside. As I mentioned already before, I noticed my room got stuffy.

It has been a while since I’ve been making music. It is a little side project of mine, I am creating these super moody, dark, noisy sound pieces. I use various simple sounds, like scratching wood, as my material to transform into music. I love making it, music always had a magical effect on me. I think the main thing that really makes music an essential part of my life, is that I experience full surrender while I am listening to music. I give into a flow and it takes me where ever it wants. I follow and allow myself to change into whatever shape music wants me to take. I rarely have such an experience, maintaining lightness and no resistance. Today while writing music I was thinking about something interesting. It was triggered by a morning read, which was about measurement infrastructures and how measurement systems affect our whole being. Th author was talking about architect and ancient types of measurements. These two notions, music and architecture, blended together and produced a thought. Architecture, as well as music, directs and shapes our experience. We enter a building and it implicitly tells us how to behave and what to do. Some buildings make us feel small and terrified, some elevate our spirits, some transcend functionality. Like for example I have a slight rejection of houses which have a very directive layout. Like here is a living room, couch and TV have to be here, bedroom is here, here is a future room for kids, this is a study etc. I feel quite uncomfortable in such spaces as I feel the presence of a greater goal which someone has set for me. Generally I am trying to pay additional attentions to the spaces I live in, so there is enough of space to fill in with whatever next step is going to be. I noticed that I am quite sensitive towards the things that surround me, space being a container to hold everything.

I got curious about these implicit factors which can affect our moods and behaviours. The powerful they carry is unimaginable especially because it is very difficult to notice what exactly is happening. But I think having an awareness about the impact can really be used to enhance out experience and affect about state of being. I think we already do it naturally, but perhaps it can be done even more precisely. For example knowing that string music can literally evoke stretching in your thoughts can be a great knowledge to have if you need to move just a bit further in your thinking. We know that beats create energy and that classical music evokes imagination. But are there other effects that music has which are hidden beyond the obvious. There is a study that certain melodies can enhance the flavour experience. Food will taste sweater when listening to the low frequency music.

I love these points of intersections, where our bodies and environments start to dance together. I think when we can notice it it also a sign of openness that we have in the moment. I believe there are so many interesting ways to explore the world through the interaction with surrounding. We are as a matter of fact constantly in relation to whatever is around, just that we don’t notice it. I encourage to start noticing and actively take part in the shaping of our surroundings. Tapping into what feels good and bringing those factors in our lives. Actively and attentively creating and living life as we want it.

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