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In some of my drifts I was already mentioning hypnotism, using it as an umbrella term to point out to an external force that takes role in our decision-making. The main idea is that we are all constantly under a hypnosis moved by the forces that are outside of our control. These forces can be anything ranging from childhood memories to clever algorithms used by social media to make us feel the way they need us to feel. Everything that has a motive to move us in a certain direction without conscious awareness and ability to resist can have hypnotising effect. I have been developing this idea, looking at it playfully to evoke the engagement and raise the awareness without feeling judged or threatened. I came up with several archetypes as an attempt to map out influence strategies and areas of life people can be affected. I also created a test for you to fill and see which kind of archetype is closer to you. Take it with a smile, it is there to pinch you gently and perhaps point out a direction where you are most vulnerable. The test itself is a fun one, it is a maze, allow yourself to get lost. Next to the name you will find HSL and EE, the abbreviations for the scales I came up with to indicate the impact and effect hypnotism has on people. HSL stands for hypnotism sensitivity level, ranging form none to high and EE is encounter effect, having positive, negative and indifferent as a scale to measure how encounter with a particular archetype affects you. Below you can find the characters, the list will continue to grow, so if you have a suggestion, bring it on.

Bullshitter (HSL None EE: N)

Self-deceiving, delusional and goal oriented type.

Has strong belief system, good job and strong social network to help to feel good about life. Underneath this facade is deeply rooted unhappiness that is intuitively experienced but being pushed out of the awareness. This type fuels hypnotism, multiplying harm, affecting others. When the Bullshitter is active, truth becomes the worst enemy.

If this is your type, honesty is a good way to start tackling the monster. Most important for you is to start noticing when you bullshit and stop doing that. Be gentle though, take it easy. Cutting off your bullshit too quickly can lead to narcissism or a feeing of superiority over others.

Family man (HSL: None EE: I)

Committed, task oriented, caring but often tired.

Not very engaged with the bigger picture. As long as the family is alright and kids can go to school - no questions asked. Prefers security to risk taking. Has no awareness of hypnotism, enjoys life, going to spend the holidays on the seaside. Enjoys social occasions like birthday parties but also secretly hates it. Rarely skips one though. Generally not dangerous, sometimes can get angry, but overall friendly and helpful.

If this is your type, look at your partner/children from the side. Try to imagine their future. First daily activities, then zoom out further and further until you see them in the global context of the world. How do you feel now? Do you se something you like/dislike? Try to change that.

Good citizen (HSL: None EE: P)

Conscious of the environment, task-oriented, broadly oriented. Values freedom, has no idea about hypnotism but there is a potential to reveal some of the hypnotic structures. Under right conditions and with some help, can develop beyond the existing modus operandi. Likes to travel, meet new people and undergo experiences. All these qualities are highly beneficial to shake off the hypnotic dust off the shoulders.

If this is your type, consider going to destinations that might feel uncomfortable. Seek challenging encounters and explore the boundaries of personal comfort. When that happens, notice how it feels and see if there is anything you want to change.

Diligent educator. (HSL: None EE: P/N)

A really good person and reliable member of society. Diligently maintaining the status quo supporting the system and helping others to navigate it, no questions asked. Has no ideas about hypnotism of any kind, just doing her job well, contributing to society. The purpose of life is to keep things how they are and make sure everybody feels well equipped to lead a good life. She helps and supports others and has a wide social circle.

If this is your type, consider thinking that there is a higher order organisation behind the social structures you are familiar with. Pay attention to how the system is organised and see if you agree with it.

Angry rebel (HSL: Low EE: P)

Energetic and lively type. Has a sense that there is something imperceivable that informs behaviour but has no idea what to do with it. Intuition for hypnotism combined with the natural drive to change things leads to successful attempts to destabilise the system, but what to do next is unclear. If combined with pessimistic life views, the rebel can feel angry and bitter, prone to cynicism and irony. If optimistic views are prevailing, rebel adds to a productively disruptive change. Hypnotism isn’t in favour of this type because it is difficult to predict her behaviour. Potentially destabilising but not threatening. A lack of future vision and strong organisation makes Angry Rebel a more uncomfortable element for the system.

If this is your type, consider diving into theory before making movements and come up with a clear plan what to do after the revolution is over. Look for connecting with others, take part in group activities. Get a hold of the impulsivity and train critical thinking.

Drunk (HSL: Low EE: P/N/I)

Simple, friendly, passive and harmless. A melancholic type who has a sense of the hidden truth but due to circumstances and life choices isn’t able to make a real impact and develop their intuition. Life is shit but what can you do about it? The sense that there is something external controlling the actions is very present but no or little further engagement is possible. Sometimes under the effect of too many substances can fully connect to the sense and voice the truth in full accuracy but nobody listens to the Drunk.

If this is your type, sober up and use your intellectual capacities to reduce the hypnotic affect present in the world. Get a pet and start caring for something that requires your full attention. Minimise the amount of free time for a short period of time.

Pragmatic snob (HSL: Medium EE: P/N/I)

Rational and practical. Mostly holds to traditional and tested mental models. Invests in the stock market, likes comfort and to be listened to. Doesn't like dialoguing and surprises. To a certain extend knows she is under hypnotic influences but is practical about it and wouldn’t take any actions about it. Uses the advantages of it and has no moral considerations or desire to change. Very dangerous type as she is vital to the rule of hypnotism and invested in its preservation.

If this is your type, please reconsider your values. Expand your circle of friends, do voluntary work. Work on your empathy. Start slow but steadily build up the challenge. For example, cook a traditional meal form another country.

Shapeshifter (HSL: High EE: P)

Lively, energetic, curious and flexible. At times too playful and irresponsible. Usually highly intelligent and even if not, knows how to make up for it. Knows well she is under hypnotism and able to shift between different paradigms. She is not intimidated by any controlling powers but lacks global morals. At times play for play’s sake is the main goal. Can be morally strong and focused but this is not so common. The act of play takes over and she is in constant chase for pleasure, fun and joy. She is constantly expanding her collection of various modalities, exploring and deconstructing hypnotic techniques and methodologies.

If this is your type, use your capacities to evoke real change in the world. Help people to learn Shapeshifting skills and play responsibly. Find a playground to use your spirits in the best possible way, which will be imbedded in the wider world context. Write a children’s book or become an educator.

Engineer (HSL: High EE: P)

Highly conscious and good-hearted type. Fully aware of hypnotism but uses this knowledge to find an optimal way to engage with it and make use of it. Community-oriented or with a global vision but always looking for ways to transform the unavoidable hypnotic presence into something worthy. The optimistic worldview makes her a good ally to push for change in the world. Sometimes lacks creative solutions and is best-suited to work in collaboration with others.

If this is your type, great. You are doing great, keep in mind the power of collaboration and keep your toolbox updated. Hypnotism is constantly reinventing itself so we need your strength and qualities to keep on communicating our needs to have a happy life. Especially important for people with low or non-existent HLS.

Architect (HSL: High EE: P/I)

Highly intelligent and powerful type. Has full awareness about hypnotism, has access to complex understanding of the mechanisms, functions and goals for hypnotism to exist. Ability to go meta on hypnotism allows the Architect to shape it and implement change. This type is a responsible figure with global vision and caring heart. Together with the Engineer they create visions and ideas to deal with the desires and impulses hypnotism wants to satisfy. Usually people don’t engage directly with her and most don’t even know about her existence. She is almost a mythological figure representing higher order values and principals.ti

If this is your type, great. Keep your knowledge updated and stay sharp. Once in a while engage with people with people with low or non-existent HLS to make sure everybody are represented in the future models you are creating.

Tyrant (HSL: High EE: N)

Highly intelligent and powerful type. Similar to architect she is fully aware of hypnotism and engaged in its creating, The main difference is that the Tyrant doesn’t have good intentions and her decisions are driven by desire for world domination. Attraction to power makes her vulnerable and even weak. The Tyrant knows that and reacts with aggression to keep the positions intact. Usually people don’t engage directly with her and most don’t even know about her existence. In religion or folklore this figure is represented as an evil force that bring out all the impurities out of human beings.

If this is your type, please stop doing what you are doing and join the bright side. If this is not an option, fall in love and surrender.

Enabler (HSL: High EE: N)

Intelligent, unreliable and sneaky. Has full awareness of hypnotism and has access to the secret knowledge about how hypnotism operates. The Enabler is the Tyrant’s minion, she only bends to her master making sure that the evil plan is executed and hypnotism is being implemented to satisfy the Tyrant’s appetite. The Enabler is a bridge to connect ideas and actions. She is organised and disciplined, but is not to be trusted. The main tools to keep hypnotism flourishing is to spread fear, anxiety and panic, causing closure and tunnel vision of the masses.

If this is your type, use your intelligence and influence you have on people to change the world for the better. Not sure that your interest is in serving evil but I am sure there is a better way to serve. Start orienting yourself towards a bright side, check if you can cooperate with an Architect, perhaps you can work with her, instead of multiplying suffering in the world.

Artist (HSL: Medium EE: P)

Sensitive, slightly vague and insecure type. Has the ability to tap into the deep code of culture and recognise the patterns that are not visible for others. She is unable to address them directly and instead uses symbolic representations and metaphors to communicate her intuitions. Mostly unprotected and unprepared she falls into a deep void or hypnotic powers while maintaining the clarity and touch with reality in some situations. Has the ability to see things for what they are but lack of agency and are powerless that is why Artist’s opinion is not taken into account. People don’t take her intuitions seriously until it is too late.

If this is your type, work on your meta awareness. Master how to take a step back from your work and see beyond your personality. Strat with small exercises to make meta moves, look at the object and introduce various perspectives in it.

Mirror (HSL: Non EE: N/I)

An undefinable type, as it can change depending on the environment. She doesn’t have her solid core and individual stability. In a way hypnotism doesn’t work on her because she reacts not to the hypnotic power but to other people. Hypnotism affects her in mediated manner through the behaviours of others. Can be a useful ally to understand our own relationship with hypnotism. Usually in a conversation with the Mirror what feels uncomfortable and confronting points to a person’s weak spots.

If this is your type, it is time to turn the mirror inwards and engage in some deep work. Start with basic awareness and self care. Perhaps join an acting class where you can combine the talent for performance with the acknowledgment of the possibility that we can be in various roles without losing ourselves.

*HSL (hypnotism sensitivity level)

**EE (encounter effect: N: negative P: positive I: indifferent)

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