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In the past decade, I've embarked on a journey to discover a way of being that feels most aligned with my body—the one I fully recognize and own. There's nothing particularly unique about my story; in my experience, many stumble upon similar situations. At some point or another, we realize that despite doing everything correctly, there's a lingering sensation of acting from an unfamiliar place.


Choices are made under a hypnotic state, an autopilot we become adept at training and subsequently forget that a real human exists behind the automation. Fortunately, our authenticity is persistent, and if we decide to give it space and support, it can reveal our true selves. Choosing to see and embody oneself requires courage and commitment, depending on how deep one wishes to delve and how much of themselves they've forgotten or chosen to silence.

In recent years, my dormant self began to rebel, resulting in manifestations of social anxiety, various self-destructive patterns, and causing pain to those I care about. In response, I began constructing a continuous practice to expand the degrees of freedom and embrace my aliveness without sacrificing authenticity for a sense of belonging.

I discovered that recognizing my inherent innocence allowed me to relax. When I embody this truth, I feel most connected and alive.

It pains me to witness the soul's richness ensnared in self-surveilling behaviors dictated by culture, politics, and generational narratives. I firmly believe that each of us holds incredible beauty within, capable of transforming our engagement with these narratives into a joyful, expansive experience.

Life's challenges, its roughness, pace, and accumulated circumstances complicate the free flow of innocent engagement. The ability to approach life with open and fearless curiosity becomes compromised by social factors and years of conditioning. Gradually, "musts" and "shoulds" take precedence over "wants" and "feels," to the point that we might even forget how to reconnect with innocence. Rediscovering it often demands strength and the willingness to embrace the unknown, to dare experimentation, honesty, and to take self-guided steps. Allowing innocence to guide us is a radical act of rebellion—an endeavor to find our own pathways to practice this enigmatic thing called life.


This is my story that fuels my commitment to embody the practice of radical innocence. I aspire to be your companion, playmate, devil's advocate, supporter, partner in crime, and a friend of virtue if you choose to embrace your intuition. That sensation deep within you, that profound knowing that you are more than you realize—chase it. I'm here to move with you.

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