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In the past decade, I have been building a continuous, ever-changing practice focused on increasing degrees of freedom by exploring the vast range of possibilities for existence.

My work has a transdisciplinary nature and encompasses intuitive, creative thinking that I structure within layered frameworks and aesthetic expressions. Alongside my artistic practice, I offer teaching, mentoring, creative guidance, and mental support for individuals facing major setbacks or even slight instabilities.

I craft unique pathways to navigate challenges, creative blocks, uncertainties, or emotional lows. Moreover, I share moments of joy and excitement that might pave the way for new projects. As a mentor, my goal is to facilitate healing that realigns personal vision, revitalizes meaning, renews energies, and taps into intrinsic motivations.

I am driven by curiosity to explore alternative perspectives by breaking free from habitual thinking and behavioral patterns. This leads to a rediscovery of joyfulness beyond conventional norms.

Using a blend of techniques rooted in psychology, sociology, art, cognitive science, and other disciplines, I apply an intuitive and playful approach, offering an unconventional outlook on both personal and professional mentoring. I teach and coach in various art academies enabling creative development and artistic awareness. 

Whether you seek solution-oriented or developmental trajectories, whether for the short or long term, I guide you through a journey of discovery and change. I'm here to accompany you through challenging times or to share in delightful moments.

Are you searching for unconventional coaching, mentoring for your projects, or simply a conversation to replenish your energies, test ideas, and engage in honest dialogue?

Are you ready for a gentle and loving disruption, infused with moments of radical honesty and an amplified sense of presence?

Fire walk with me.

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