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Radical innocence is a practice focused on realigning actions with the uncompromised manifestation of individual freedom, in harmony and deep respect for your surroundings.


Learning how to recognize the freshness of every moment, engaging curiously with the world, experimenting with ways of being, embodying your body, and staying in touch with your intentions are the foundational elements that will guide us toward discovering what it truly means to be you.


To move forward in the direction you desire, the first step is to pause for a moment. Standing still, observing, reflecting, and feeling are skills that need development. There is no one-size-fits-all methodology, as we are all different and respond uniquely. Experimenting and committing to trying what works form part of your growth. Forget about seeking quick relief from discomfort; growth is not about that. Instead, it's a lifelong journey of unfolding and maintaining curiosity about your evolving state in every moment. There's nothing to fix; a seed is as complete as a tree in its distinct way. This is the realm of innocence, where every step is whole. Most importantly, meeting your authentic self is an exciting endeavor. Imagine encountering your quirky self that stretches beyond conditioning.


Establishing a stable connection with bodily awareness and making your senses available is fundamental to clear communication between your desires and actions. The body is reliable; we understand through our bodies and must enlist them as steadfast companions at all times.


Practice is inevitable. Without immersing your being in the real world and reflecting on the impact, radical honesty remains a mere intellectual exercise and emotional exhibitionism. To live in innocence means to be engaged with the world and allow it to inspire movement within you.


Living your innocence entails embracing unapologetic existence from a place where wrongdoing is impossible. Practicing innocence entails a steadfast commitment to expressing individual freedom and being seen without fear or doubt.


Choosing Radical Innocence as your guide demands the consolidation of your body, intellect, and imagination, allowing them to flourish uninhibited. It means taking yourself seriously. We will uncover its meaning for you by translating your intuitions into a set of practices and techniques to strengthen your connection with your essence.

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